The ZiuZ story

The story starts in a garage in the Frisian village of Waskemeer. It’s in this garage that founder Gerrit Baarda (1969) and Ed van den Brand (1959) started up ZiuZ in 2002, developing innovative software using visual intelligence. Baarda has a technical background and was programmer for IBM when the first legacy systems using internet technology were being developed. In 1999, he took his first steps in the entrepreneurial world and set up an outsourcing company covering the North of the Netherlands. The knowledge and skills gained during his studies and employment with IBM, and his experience as a business man ultimately led to the establishment of ZiuZ.

As with any new company, things can at first go wrong. Through trial and error, ZiuZ matured and launched its first product in 2006, an appliance for a pharmaceutical chain that could make summaries of digitized VHS tapes. In the same year, ZiuZ took on its first employee – and from that moment on, things developed quickly. Contact was made with the Twente regional police force in the Netherlands. The force had indicated a need for technical support in their investigations into child sexual abuse. The contact quickly became a valued partnership with the whole of the Dutch police force, and in the years that followed, ZiuZ developed a number of products that proved, time and time again, that it listens carefully to the specific needs of the police investigators.