How ZiuZ works

ZiuZ is a leading innovative company in the development and application of visual intelligence in high-grade technology. We are a commercial company with a socially responsible attitude. We want our products to contribute to solving issues relevant to society, so we create practical, user-friendly solutions for police and security services, and for the medical world. In order to come up with the right solution, we need to be fully familiar with our clients’ basic work processes. Only then can we make products that will really help our clients. But this demands the right collaboration and a high level of trust. Our employees are carefully screened, and handling confidential information is second nature to them. We aim to maintain sustainable relationships, not only with our clients but also with our employees. We feel that our focus should be on the long term, not on a passing whim. In addition to being a supplier, we’re also a reliable partner for clients to approach for additional services, training and advice.


The volume of digital visual material has increased dramatically over the past few years. As this growth is expected to continue, there’s a need for software that can manage, organize and recognize photo and video material. Unlike text, photos and videos are difficult to classify and search through. There’s a strong need from various fronts for a robust tool that can manage huge volumes of digital visual material, for instance by automatically creating summaries, and analyzing and creating reports on visual material. ZiuZ has the solution.

Make a difference; that’s our goal at ZiuZ. We want our products to help build a better world. We’ll only be satisfied when our products have proven to have a social impact globally. ZiuZ develops leading, innovative tools for police and security services and for companies packaging medication. We consciously opt to use our knowledge and expertise for organizations fulfilling an important role in society. And we will continue to do this, so that working with and for ZiuZ is a good experience for everyone.